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We bottle and produce all of our wine at our main facility in Branchport and in the North Fork, namely to be closer to the product we source, but more importantly, to be at the heart of sustainable winemaking. Our winemaking is overseen by our team, which includes owner Kwaw Amos and head winemaker Craig Hosbach. We believe winemaking is a two step process of integrity: Acquisition & Production


Depending on seasonal rhythms we work with a small group of family farms in New York, California, and other states to source fruit that fits our flavor profile. Our grower partners are all farms that share the belief that viticulture should be done with reverence and restrained use of limited resources. We make sure we reflect the beauty of a time-honored process and the vineyards where we source.


 Our goal is to make the process of winemaking as light touch as possible.  We believe the grape should be allowed to tell its own story and we act as detailed guides. From selecting yeast, to press, to using oak judiciously, to blending, our goal is to focus on restraint.

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