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Located in New York City, Gotham Winery is a craft winemaker creating wines that appeal to modern wine consumers who want wines of great quality, and that focus on sustainability.
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We developed our wines to have the character that appeals to modern wine drinkers. That simply means first, that they are crafted to fit today's curious yet wide-ranging palate by being complex, fruit forward, and easy to drink, but second, that they speak to our lifestyles and values.

As a craft winery we endeavor to make wine in a meaningful way. That means sustainable production, maximum value, and quality. We have core values. Those remain committing to our community, reducing our carbon footprint, promoting biodiversity, and encouraging a socially conscious industry.  

Our soon-to-come tasting room will be an intimate wine bar which serves a light food menu and our wine  brands to be enjoyed at the bar or takeout.  You will also enjoy several wines, ciders, and liquors from our partners throughout NY State.      Sign Up to learn more.

Members of our Wine Society enjoy a hands-on experience that looks to engage our daily lifestyles. This will include private tastings, education, and first class events. Membership also has its additional benefits.

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